HOW can I watch TV25?

Step 1: Buy an antenna (All the big box stores have them)

or if you are within 10 miles of Auburn, Basehor, or Louisburg Kansas
you can use one of our Flat Panel Antennas.
Click on the button to buy one.

Step 2: Install antenna as high as possible, pointing towards the closest transmitter:
for North half KC Viewers: Basehor (near Bonner Springs)
for South half KC Viewers: Louisburg (South of KC)
for Topeka Viewers: Auburn (SW of Topeka)

This website will help you point in the right direction:

Step 3: Connect your antenna to your TV and RESCAN your TV!
(Click on the video to see how)

Step 4: Need More detailed steps? Just click!

Step 5: Still not getting it? Let US fix it!